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General Information

Grade Levels
Chippewa Falls High School serves grades 9, 10, 11,and 12. Credits for graduation are earned in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.

School Year
The school year consists of two semesters beginning in September and January. Each semester is divided into two quarters.

Scheduling for both semesters is done in the preceding year. Students must take eight classes per semester. Pursuant to Wis. Statute 118.33(1), students may not be excused for work during school hours except for those on credit (co-op) work programs. Seniors may be allowed a non-credited work-release if their schedule allows for it and they meet certain criteria.

All courses are given the credit value listed in the descriptions. One-half credit is granted after satisfactory completion of one semester of work, unless otherwise noted. Up to eight credits per year may be earned. Course offerings vary in difficulty. Courses with three *** are the most rigorous and course with two ** are somewhat rigorous.

Student Evaluation
Letter grades are used to evaluate student work. Quarter and semester grades are placed on report cards. Semester grades are placed on the permanent record and are used for class ranking purposes.

A 4.00 92.5 - 100
A- 3.67 89.5 - 92.4
B+ 3.33 87.5 - 89.4
B 3.00 82.5 - 87.4
B- 2.67 79.5 - 82.4
C+ 2.33 77.5 - 79.4
C 2.00 72.5 - 77.4
C- 1.67 69.5 - 72.4
D+ 1.33 67.5 - 69.4
D 1.00 62.5 - 67.4
D- 0.67 59.5 - 62.4
F 0.00 Below 59

Graduation Requirements
Starting with the Class of 2021, 28 credits will be required for graduation. A graduated schedule applies to graduating classes before 2021, including the 16 required plus 8 elective credits. Students are also required to pass Computer Applications I or the computer literacy exam which is given one time per year.

Early Graduation
Occasionally, we receive requests from juniors regarding graduating at mid-term of their senior year. Because this is a very important decision requiring much thought and planning, juniors and and their parents must meet with the counselor and fill-out an application to apply for early grad uation.

Schedule Changes
Chippewa Falls Senior High School has based our master course schedule on a combination of student requests, district needs, and efficient allocation of district resources. It is important to understand that we are making commitments based on the course selections made by the student. Therefore great care, thought and consideration should be given to course choices. Keeping in mind, the school expects students and parents to honor their commitments.

Students will have the opportunity to review their course selections in the spring of the year. If a student would like to request a change in selection, a request will need to be made in writing no later than April 15. Forms will be available in Student Services and on the Student Services website.

Schedule Corrections:
After April 15, the only time that a schedule change can be made is if there is a need for a correction in a student's schedule. These include: an incomplete schedule, a prerequisite not met, missing a graduation/college admission requirement, or inappropriate course placement as agreed upon by the teacher.

Teacher Changes:
Due to scheduling and staffing requirements involved in developing student schedules, requests to change teachers will not be honored unless extreme extenuating circumstances are present. Administrative approval is required. It should be noted that year-long classes are treated as semesters thus, classroom teachers may change at the semester.

Removal from a class for any reason will be indicated with a W/F on the student's transcript and and F will be calculated into their grade point average.

Dual Credit Opportunities
Students can begin their post high school education while in high school by taking advantage of several different opportunities. Transcripted credit allows students to take courses that are articulated with Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) for both high school and technical college credit. Current transcripted courses include:

CFHS CourseCreditCVTC CourseCredit
Animal Science 0.5 Animal Science 3
Child Development 0-2* 0.5 ECE: Infant and Toddler 3
Working With Children 0.5 ECE: Foundations of Early Child 3
Medical Terminology 0.5 Medical Terminology 3
Intro to CAD 0.5 CAD - Architectural 2
Computer Applications 0.5 Microsoft Office Suite 2
Personal Finance* 0.5 CVTC Elective course 3
Practical Welding 0.5 Related Welding-Auto Tech 1
Welding Technology 1.0 Related Welding 2
Abnormal Psychology 0.5 Abnormal Psychology 3
Accounting 3 ** 0.5 Accounting 1 4
Principles of Management ** 1.0 Principles of Management 3
Horticulture ** 0.5 Introduction to Horticulture 3
Machine Tool Technology 0.5 Intro to Manual Lathe 2

* Transcripted credit begins in the 2015-16 school year
** Pending approval

Other courses offered at Chippewa Falls High School are in the process of becoming transcripted. Upon verification of transcription, we will be informing families via the Student Services facebook page and Infinite Campus posting.

IT Academy
This program was first offered during the 2015-16 school year. The hope is to continue offering it to interested juniors and seniors. Application is required for admission to the IT Academy. Upon completion students receive 2.25 elective credits for high school and also receive 9 CVTC credits. Students also receive an industry recognized Information Technology Certificate from CVTC.

Early College Credit and Start College Now Programs
Early College Credit Program allows Wisconsin high school students to take one or more courses at a university for high school and/or college credit. Start College Now allows junior and senior students to take courses at a technical college for high school and/or college credit. Early College Credit and Start College Now have rules, regulations and deadlines. See your school counselor for more information.

Project Lead The Way (PLTW)
PLTW is more than just another high school engineering class. Per U.S. News STEM Solutions Summit, 2012, PLTW is about applying science, technology, engineering, and math through a project- based, hands-on approach to solve complex, open-ended problems, in a real-world context. Three courses will be offered next year: Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering and Civil Engineering and Architecture. Students who successfully complete one or all of these courses AND score a specific score on the final are eligible for college credit at some colleges and universities.

Advanced Placement Courses
Chippewa Falls High School offers a variety of Advanced Placement courses. These are college-level courses taught within our building. Students may receive college credit at some colleges and universities if they score high enough on the AP exams in May. Credit varies by post-secondary institution. Go to the College Board website for specifics.

AP exams are optional and cost approximately $90.00. Students are encouraged to take a study hall if they choose AP coursework because of the level of difficulty and the time required to be successful.

Chippewa Falls High School currently offers the following advanced placement courses: Art History, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, English Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition, English Seminar, Human Geography, Music Theory, Physics, Psychology, Spanish, Studio Art, U.S. Government & Politics, and U.S. History.

Students enrolled in any of the Advanced Placement courses have the option of auditing the class. If the student wishes to change from "regular" to "audit" status, they must do so by the end of the fifth day following the posting of grades for the first and third quarter progress reports. Auditing allows the student to learn all of the concepts without the fear of a lesser grade because of the difficulty of the course content. If a student audits, the course is not listed on their permanent transcript.


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