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If your plans after graduation include a four-year college, keep in mind the five major factors upon which your college admissions is based:
  1. The quality of your course of study while in high school
  2. The grades earned in these courses and resulting grade point average and class rank
  3. Your score on the ACT or SAT
  4. The personal recommendations of your counselors and teachers
  5. Activities both in and out of school (an important factor when scholarships are awarded)
Colleges each have their own individual requirements regarding admissions and they may change yearly. Thus, you should identify these requirements as early as possible to ensure you will meet them by high school graduation. Below are the minimum courserequirements for the UW-System. Private and out-of-state schools may have additional requirements.

13 Core College Preparatory Credits:
  English 4 Credits
  Social Studies 3 Credits
  Natural Science 3 Credits
  Mathematics * 3 Credits including Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra II

4 Elective Credits Can be chosen from the above core college preparatory areas, world language, fine arts, computer science and other academic areas. Some UW System institutions may also accept Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses for some of these 4 elective credits.
Foreign Language In the University of Wisconsin System, UW-Madison is the only college that requires two years of the same world language. Other UW schools recommend it. Universities in Minnesota also require two years of the same world language.

* The University of Minnesota will require 4 years of college preparatory mathematics for new students effective the fall semester of 2015.


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